Panel blinds


Unique designs and stylish plain fabrics

Our extensive collection of panel fabrics includes a large number of qualities, patterns and colors. In addition to functional fabrics, the collection also offers innovative decorative options with unique designs and exclusive jacquards.


The way in which the natural materials and sophisticated textures in our collection filter the light is unparalleled. In addition to paper fabrics, linen varieties are also part of the collection and are available in pure colors. By combining them with the clean lines of the panel blinds, natural fabrics make for a special addition to a modern interior.


In addition to transparent and translucent fabrics, our plain collection for panel blinds also includes black-out and flame-retardant varieties. What makes our product range so special is the large variety of fabrics and the wide color palette in which our collections are available. In addition to timeless neutral tones they also include a number of trending colors.


Screen fabrics are the perfect solution for controlling light and heat. Our screen fabrics are flame-retardant and proven safe for people and nature. In addition to basic screen fabrics in timeless colors, our collection includes high-quality decorative varieties with their own feel. There are, for instance, screens with a metallic sheen, with a natural linen look and with exclusive jacquard-woven patterns. Because of the clean lines of the panel blinds and the size of the canvas, the screens become part of the architecture.


The print designs in our collection are developed by our own design team and are inspired by fashion, architecture, art and nature. In addition to subtle micro prints the collection also includes stylish graphic patterns and distinctive organic designs. A number of designs have been especially developed for panel blinds and add an extra dimension. The fabrics are available in black-out and translucent varieties.


The beautiful weave structure and the use of luxury yarns in warm colors of the jacquards provide a high-quality atmosphere for the interior. The patterns in our collection are inspired by classic woven patterns to match both classic and modern interiors. When used as panel blinds they create a stylish, warm and rich setting.

Panel blinds

Modern, functional and versatile

Our broad product range for panel blinds includes various fabrics as well as various system options. The Absolute system features clean design, easy mounting and user-friendliness. It also offers a unique automation option. The ultimate system has a true design look and feel.


Design and functionality

For panel blinds we offer two system types of our own development. The Absolute system features clean design, simple installation and user friendliness. The Ultimate system has a true designer look.

Absolute Panel Blind

The features of this user-friendly panel blind system are the clean design and the simple installation. The system has a modular structure and can be upgraded from basic to full-option with a minimal number of parts. The system can be easily automated with our panel blind motor. The patented hooking system makes it easy to attach the panels once the rail has been mounted. The PVC slide profiles are silent and have been incorporated in the rail, preventing light from shining through the opening between rail and the panels. Download the technical catalog of this system here.

Ultimate Panel Blind

This system owes its true design look and feel to the use of exclusive materials, as well as its modern design. Both the rail and the wall and ceiling brackets are available in three exclusive finishes: natural aluminum, chrome and matt brushed stainless steel. This system technology and that of the Absolute system are the same, which allows for modular use. Download the technical catalog of this system here.


Available now!

New in our collection for panel blinds are the three innovative collections: Botanic, Heritage and Untitled as well as a new collection especially created for the contract market. The textile feel of the fabrics in the latter collection give the panels a warm look.


In the new Untitled collection, the same four graphic designs have been finished in white-on-white. They are available in both print fabric and jacquard. The fabrics have a serene look and feel and a subtle decorative effect. The fabrics are available in translucent and black-out and in a width of 280 cm. They are suitable for both roller and panel blinds. View a mood impression of this new collection here.


This new collection is subtly playful and includes innovative flower prints and floral weaving designs. A patterned jacquard design, available in translucent and black-out qualities, is a unique addition to the market. On the window the fabrics in this collection make an impressive statement. The patterns are available in a width of 250 cm and the jacquards in are available in a width of 280 cm. All fabrics are suitable for both roller and panel blinds. View a mood impression of this new collection here.


The fabrics in this collection were inspired by classic designs from the Italian textile industry. They have been reinterpreted to perfectly match these modern times. The Heritage collection includes rich jacquards in deep, warm colors and baroque prints on rich fabrics. The translucent varieties are available in a width of 250 cm, the black-out varieties are available in a width of 280 cm. All fabrics are suitable for both roller and panel blinds. View a mood impression of this new collection here.

Contract Collection

This new contract collection is a special mix of existing and new fabrics. The flame-retardant qualities and the extra width of 280 to 300 cm make these fabrics ideally suited for the contract market. The new items in the collection feature a distinctive natural textile look and feel. The wool and cotton look fabrics in this collection add atmosphere and warmth to the interior. The fabrics are suitable for both roller, panel and vertical blinds. View a mood impression of this new collection here.

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